For Sale (as of August 2017)

To purchase, please email one of the Committee Contacts on the “Contacts” page of this website, or talk to the Haberdash (Cut Loose) at a run

There are also various LSH3 historical embroidered patches available.

Shorts – navy with white trim & LSH3 Logo (very comfy & light); no insert Ladies:
Large x 1
Medium x 2Mens:
XL x 1


 LSH3 Shorts
Socks – white ankle socks with LSH3 logo Size 3-7 x 5


 LSH3 Socks
Super absorbent mini Towels – pink with LSH3 logo embroidered with carry bag Not Available  LSH3 Towel
Ladies Run Singlet – Winning Spirit brand Size XL x 1


 LSH3 Ladies Singlet
Men’s Run Singlet – Winning Spirit brand Size XL x 2
Size L x 2


 LSH3 Mens Singlet
Red Polo – Podium brand with LSH3 logo Ladies:

Size L x 6
Size XL x 5


 LSH3 Ladies Red Polo
Mens or Womens Navy Polo – Podium brand with LSH3 logo Not Available


 LSH3 Mens Blue Polo
LSH3 Patches – embroidered red on white or aqua on white Red only – Available Now!


 LSH3 Patches

Haberdash in the year of Kokup

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