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Grand Master:   Stewart “Flem ” Smith Religious Adviser:  John “Klingon” Perkins Hash Cash: Liz “Cheesecake” Kelly Grog Master: David “Mothball” De Freitas Checking Chicken: Lai “Lotsa Fun” Leicester Sgt@Arms:  Nick “NickleB” Leicester  Soc Sec:  On Sec:  Liz “Cheesecake” Kelly  Hash Haberdash: Eva “Codpiece” Hookey Hare Raiser: Rowan “Cooch” Compagnoni Hash Flash: Eva “Codpiece” Cox Web Master:  John “Klingon” Perkins

Run 1354, 3 Dec 2009 Hare: Mothball Venue: 3/4 Annetta Avenue, Asburton

Run 1353 Mothball’s 26th birthday Hares: Mothball and TigerMoth Anetta St Ashburton 3/11/09   It was 7 km. The arrows were sparing. There was a nasty on-back. But it was a truly great run. It was creative, imaginative, strategic, scenic, challenging – and the last 50% was the same as the first 50% of Cheesecake’s July run. Along Gardiners Creek, through the swish streets of Glen Iris and Ashburton, across/under/next to the railway, down the bit that used to be the old Alamein railway until the 1940s and which is now a bike path, until we got back to the creek. Whereupon all those who weren’t on the July run and didn’t know that the path across the golf course was closed off at the freeway, dutifully followed the arrows and took themselves on a wild domestic fowl chase. Cheesecake turned right, found trail and was back home having a Bex and a lie down before all the others.   And a lie down was a good thing to have before tackling TigerMoth’s dinner – the chicken was basted in something delicious that kept wafting out and torturing us. As usual there was heaps – Bovine awarded 52/62 for the run and 73/62 for the food.   The circle took 30 minutes – 5 minutes for charges, and 25 minutes for Mothball to blow out all the candles on his birthdasy cake, for the cheerful old codger is 62.   Significant runs Pointy x 683 Mothball x 62 LubeOil x 61 Colours x 69   Charges Mothball for prewashing the dishes before placing them in dishwasher Dr John and Dr Phil for being all serious and discussing greenhouse gases Cooch for setting a false trail Klingon for thinking that IGT2 is a slut for having 4 kids by 3 fathers LubangOz for needing a rocking chair Kockup and Judy for connecting with a kangaroo and a cock or 2 ENB for nicking plums Cyclone for losing her name necklace in the dunny Tiger for showing IGT2 Ballsup photos to IGT2’s ex. Luciano for playing forMelbourne Victory Sooty for wearing a dress The Moths for grooming Felix to plsay cricket for Brazil and soccor for Trinidad.    



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Next Full Moon runs: Run No. 112  at 3pm. 14 June 2009. Hares: NickleB & Father Location: – Merrimu Long Forest Reserve, Melways 329 C10 – Canopus Circuit

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