Run 1755 | 09 November 2016 | Cheesecake @ Glenhuntly Park

It was the day after and Lakesiders gathered to run off the effects of a hangover that’s going to last a long, long time. Nothing to do with that frothy stuff atop pints of ale, but wooziness caused by the planet’s most recognisable comb-over giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “head job”.

Young Cheesecake likes to provide Lakesiders with new and amazing experiences so inspired by Melbourne’s Spring Carnival she devised a run to embrace the delights of Caulfield Racecourse.


Swingers the Runner described the run as very enjoyable though his competitive spirit was rankled by the sight of walkersahead of him on the race track. Despite Punch’s encouragement for Swingers to keep running he eased back to a trot.


Gargoyle commended Cheesey for providing walkers with good directions and reported they found the witches hats without any difficulty. Lethal, however, was confronted with trials and tribulations trying to open the gate to enter the Racetrack (one wonders how many options there are besides “pull” or “push”??).


Just as well he finally succeeded as the walkers made it to the Drink Stop where they joined runners to enjoy cucumber sandwiches cut into delicate triangles….white bread…….no crusts. Who needs the Birdcage when we had Aldi’s best bubbles in the finest $2 shop plastic glasses, all served from a horsey seat overlooking the track?


GM opened the Circle by noting this as a truly historic occasion that would change the world forever. After 20 years of hashing, Cheesecake had cooked for the Hash and done a brilliant job.


GM then joined all the Poms (Udder, Mother Brown, visitor Simon and hasher Head Job) who deserved a drink cause they were no longer the world’s biggest F*up.

Visitors and Returnees

Simon, Head Job, Gonzo, Mother Brown, Kling On and all the Ons, Gargoyle, UdderIMG_6916

Mystery Sergeant Udder opened with various NZ charges:

Swingers Sucksty-Sucks

Lubang for 33Sucks
Lethal for 40Sucks

Lots of Donald Trump charges…… Prince stand-in for Pointy (named the Trump of Lakeside)

Gargoyle, Swampy, Eva, Old Boar, Prince – some for being American…others just becauseIMG_6904

Lethal – when on the racetrack he thought he was a stallion and took off at a fine gallopIMG_6912

E&B for urging people to wear their watches so they wouldn’t get lost but then she went the wrong wayIMG_6925

Cheesey for reinforcing stereotypes about dumb blondes – bloke was fixing her security system and when the alarm sounded she rushed in waving her T-Towel at the ceiling

Cut Loose for reinforcing stereotypes about dumb brunettes – boiling eggs for 2 hours while pre-occupied at gym doing jack-knives

Happy Birthday to Old Boar – 69 years young

Game On and Udder – Game On is 11 years old and Udder is Sucksty-Sucks but Game On knows how to open a toilet door. (Udder’s rebound “Game On can read English but Udder can only read Chinese)

Gonzo and Head Job signed up for Nash Hash but Head Job is one of those responsible for losing $2,500 in sponsorship dollars cause of Hash names like hers. Also they live in Box Hill but signed up from Darwin.IMG_6914

Sweaty at Melbourne Men’s AGM referred to as Sweet Box

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