Run 1796 | 12th July 2017 | Codpiece @ Sturt Street Reserve, Southbank

HARE: Codpiece

VENUE: Sturt Street Reserve, South Melbourne

RETURNEES:  Peanuts, Gargoyle, Codpiece, Old Boar, Lost Jewels, Kathryn, Udder Idjit

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RUN REPORT:  By Cheesecake – The Runners kind of took off around streets in South Melbourne, went down Eastern Road, towards Albert Park Lake. At Albert Road They met Cooch, who had been pushing young Tahlia along on her bike, Kokup and NickelB; all waiting, waiting for the traffic light to turn green so they could cross the road. One of these 3 engineers pondered “how long does it take for these lights to change?”  Young Tahlia replied “You have to press the Walk button.”  The lights split the pack with Lost Jewels and Prince bolting ahead and disappearing over the pedestrian bridge and near St Kilda Rd.  We ran through Fawkner Park to the corner of Punt Road and Toorak Road, caught up to the FRB’s and never saw Udder again (SCB).

For the Football supporters among us, Melbourne are 5th on the Ladder, Collingwood are about 12th on the Ladder, while Hawthorn are 16th. Then running, running, running through South Yarra, everyone was strung out. Finally back to St. Kilda Road, down to Dorcas Street and On Home.

Scored – 80/96

WALK REPORT: By Lethal – Quite interesting and we got to where the 3 engineers had to be told by a child, Tahlia, to push the button so the lights would change to cross Albert Road.  The walkers followed the run trail to St Kilda Road and Fawkner Park, before splitting from the runners but Cut Loose and E&B had disappeared earlier.  We eventually went down to Dorcas St, rounding the corner to Kings Way, where Mothball and I found Punch and Rigby and crossed Sturt St, on Home to Codpiece and Old Boars delicious dips, flat bread and warming gluhwein.

Scored – 69/96


  • Newly Elected Committee – Kokup, Gargoyle, Prince, NickelB, Point Post, Cut Loose, Lotsafun Swingers, Punch, Cooch, Astro.
  • NickelB – Did not trip over the timber construction site access obstacle, but jumped clear with both arms in the air.
  • Big Ears – First time seen to turn around and follow trail instead of running straight on.
  • Kathryn – coffee mug for 4th Run.


  • Klingon – His dog likes blood, tried to trip NickleB up.
  • Cooch – Having to push Tahlia along on her bike, then being lumbered with a huge poster which Big Ears picked up on the nature strip for her to take home.
  • Old Boar – Unkind comments about Codpiece’s trail.
  • Cut Loose – Geographically challenged, stood at the corner saying “We have to go thata way.” But it was the other way.
  • Codpiece – Hare, charged with deliberately placing trail over the construction site access timbers in an unsuccessful attempt to trip up NickelB again.
  • Cooch – Has not taught Tahlia yet to call “On, On.”
  • Big Ears – Calling “on, On.” for a change.
  • Swingers – Didn’t invite us to the recent Swingers Party that was in King Street.
  • Codpiece – New shoes, Merrils, too good to drink out of.
  • Punch – Trying to write down every word- learn Shorthand.
  • Codpiece – While in Sydney saw trail marked at prestigious Sydney University.
  • Peanuts – Reverse charge too complicated to write down !


After the circle, the pack reconvened in the Bistro across Sturt St for a delicious and very tasty dinner. The host was happy to greet everyone and thanked ‘Eva’ (who obviously spends too much time there and who he found out is really Codpiece) with a bottle of wine and jug of beer

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