Run 1799 | 2nd August 2017 | Prince @ Terminus Hotel

Lakeside H3


HARE: Prince

VENUE: Terminus Hotel, Queen’s Parade Fitzroy North

Runners arrived seeking their noble Prince, who was sick at home, nowhere to be found. Searching through the Bistro then up a flight of stairs to an empty dining room they found The GM, Punch & Rigby. Swingers, first on the scene cried ‘No Hare, what are we going to do?’ Kokup hurried down to the Bistro to greet & direct the arriving Runners and bring some menus upstairs.

Downstairs, the Barman pointed out the night’s specials, e.g. Beef Wellington for $65.90, cheap at half the price? Having ordered their meals most of us carried up cutlery, serviettes, glasses and bottles of water to set the bare dinner tables.

Outside the GM welcomed the Returnees to muttering s of “How are we going to find trail?” and “Which way’s Out?” So Kokup told them everything he knew, “Prince has valiantly laid trail; It’s on and out over the Bridge”.

RUN REPORT:  By Sweaty Box.  We ran out under the bridge and found three on backs in the first 300m of trail.  It was a nice 7Km Run heading along the Merri Creek, through parks and suburban streets with lots of four way checks until the much vaunted five way check in Darling Gardens.  We did find a nice steep hill and the pack was kept together fairly well. The trail markings were a bit scarce but there were more arrows than normal for a Prince Run.

Scored – 86/99

WALK REPORT: By Swingers.  On Out to the left of the hotel we walked under the railway bridge. There were no hills. The trail split and the walkers headed a long, long way up beside the railway line, then turned left to a weakly marked trail, lost trail and turned back for home, arriving 10 minutes after the FRB’s. The walk was 6.7 km.

Scored – 69/99


RETURNEES: No Balls, Rock Star, Cummalott

SELDOM SEEN AWARD: Cummalott received a year book, to get to know the Lakeside Runners.

MUG AWARD: Rock Star, Ran 4 times, disappeared and came back & wrote 4th Run again.  Mug and year book presented.

CHARGES FROM THE FLOOR: Sergeant – Prickly Bush

  • Rock Star – Left her child’s drink bottle downstairs
  • Lubang Oz – Wrote his real name in The Book.
  • Big Ears – Dreaming of 69 when he was not going down as 69 but 89 Runs
  • Swingers – Practicing for 100 Runs, palindromic 99
  • Mothball – Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 to go with Swingers 99
  • Mothball – Wears other Club’s clothing on the Run, afterwards changes into Lakeside chic.
  • NickelB – Hazard finder, trying to get a nose job?
  • Cummalott – Should be called Pissalot.
  • NickelB – Engaging the services of Dr. Hazelwood.
  • Prickly Bush – Writes from the bottom of the page, upwards.
  • Cut Loose – Tried to leave all the Santa hats at Mothball and Tiger Moth’s last week.
  • Lotsafun – Not looking after NickelB on the Run.
  • No Balls – making up and reciting poetry on the Run.
  • Cut Loose – Doesn’t know the colour of beer.
  • NickelB – Over catering.
  • Quick Lay, Cooch, Astro & Swingers – Low profile.


LH3 1800th Run: Run will be on Wednesday 30th August at 6.45pm.

Venue: Bell’s Hotel in South Melbourne. No run fees.

There will be a subsidised red 1800th Run rain jacket available to all financial members. Please give your size and details to Cut Loose. Non financial Runners and Visitors who wish to order the rain jacket, please contact Cut Loose by a.s.a.p. so she can order them.

Melbourne Full Moon H3’s Run: 3.00pm Next Sunday at Warrandyte State Park off Jumping Creek Road, Wonga Park. (Melways 24 A10).

Hares: Motor Mouth & Dr Dimentia.

Next Week’s Run: Starts at 6.45 pm, Wednesday 9th August 2017.

Venue: Naughton’s Hotel, Corner of Morrah Street and Royal Parade, Parkville.

Hares: Kokup & Punch

Prince, thank you for laying your trail while you were so ill. We hope you feel better soon.

Klingon, hope you get over your dreaded lurgy quickly as well.

On On


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