Run 1804 | 6th September 2017 | Cut Loose @ Home, Albert Park

HARE: Cut Loose

VENUE: Little Finlay Street, Albert Park

THEME:  Astro’s 69th Birthday run on the 6th of the 9th

The 31 Hashers arriving to celebrate Astro’s lucky 69th were welcomed with a 69er cocktail. Appropriate, somehow. Enjoying a chat and cheerily raising our glasses to the birthday boy, it was difficult to go back out to the cold night air where it promptly began to drizzle again. Luckily we were well primed and the light sprinkle soon stopped, thanks to Astro’s influence as R.A.  The hare had not been able to lay trail because of the heavy rain earlier and had prepared an envelope run.   Numbered envelopes with instructions for this wet weather Run were given to runners with instructions not to open the next envelope until all runners had arrived.  Then it was on on to the roundabout where the first envelope could be opened.

Hash 6-9-17 003 Hash 6-9-17 001 Hash 6-9-17 002

RUN REPORT:  By Hooray C. O.:               Scored 68 ½ (and ¾) out of 69

Hooray C. O. thought it felt good to have a letter in her pocket and after the first envelope was opened the pack ran up to Victoria Street, opened number 2 and then on to the beach with the lovely fresh scent of the sea breeze.  More envelope instructions led us down to the reservation in Kerferd Road. The Run took us through Middle Park, past Albert Park Lake, then up through the Aquatic Centre for a cheeky walk through the building. Then it was back to Albert Park for a pleasant run through St, Vincent’s Garden, and On Home.

WALK REPORT: By Pegmatite:                Scored 70/69

The Walk also took us to the beach but we didn’t get to the lake. We did see the sea which was very nice and the trail was flat. It was also nice to have envelopes. The trail led along Kerferd Road to Farrar Street, past the Pacific Rim restaurant which used to be a favourite venue with Bovine Breeder. On to St Vincent’s Gardens and along Bridport Street where Rigby noticed that the famous Annabelle’s Bakery was still closed for renovations. After 9 months it truly will be rebirthed, under a different name and different proprietor. It was an excellent walk leading On Home down Merton Street . Cut Loose greeted us with a warming spicy pumpkin soup followed by the yummiest curried beef with rice and a big birthday cake. Well done C.L.

Hash 6-9-17 016 Hash 6-9-17 017 Hash 6-9-17 018 Hash 6-9-17 004 Hash 6-9-17 005 Hash 6-9-17 006 Hash 6-9-17 007 Hash 6-9-17 008 Hash 6-9-17 009 Hash 6-9-17 010 Hash 6-9-17 011 Hash 6-9-17 013 Hash 6-9-17 014 Hash 6-9-17 015


RETURNEES: Shu Shu, Punter, Pegmatite, Hooray C. O.

MUG of the WEEK AWARD: Punter – Welcome back from the Dead after 21 years in the wilderness.

Hash 6-9-17 023 Hash 6-9-17 024 Hash 6-9-17 025 Hash 6-9-17 026 Hash 6-9-17 021 Hash 6-9-17 022

Religious Advisor – Astro, it rained on the Run.

Hash 6-9-17 020 Hash 6-9-17 019

Kathryn – Named “Let Me Look”, following many beaut suggestions and a democratic show of hands. (For those that can’t remember it resulted from Lotsafun trying to pronounce ‘Nitmiluk’, the aboriginal name for Katherine Gorge and an inebriated RA trying to repeat what he thought he heard).

Hash 6-9-17 033 Hash 6-9-17 028 Hash 6-9-17 030 Hash 6-9-17 031 Hash 6-9-17 032

Astro – All sang Happy 69th Birthday and ate his Hawthorn Football team inspired birthday cake. Delicious.

Hash 6-9-17 038 Hash 6-9-17 036 Hash 6-9-17 037

Point Post, Mothball, Udder Idjit, Astro – All the 69ers.


  • Cheesecake – 616 Runs, palindrome.
  • Point Post 1010 together with GG 1152 and Udder Idjit, 69 squared – Nuisance Runs
  • Punter, Shu Shu and Gerbils – Did not write their Run numbers in The Book.


  • Prickly Bush – Went upstairs and said “This is where the bags are.” E&B was offended.
  • Whippet – Trying to take money from a poor foster parent.
  • Lubang Oz – Arguing with Whippet over ownership of said $3.00 on the floor.
  • Quick Lay – FRB.
  • Kokup – The Pack did not wait for all runners before opening the next envelope.
  • Cut Loose & Astro – Poor interior design, 2 doors without locks to the toilet & causing great angst to Cyclone Tracey.
  • Astro – Impersonating an albino Jackson Five member in his RA wig.
  • Spread On – Forced to work 3 jobs for her bread and butter.
  • Game On – Ran the entire Run for the first time. Bravo.
  • Sweaty Box – Corrupting influence for Game On.
  • Cut Loose- Confusing her instructions in letters 8 and 9.
  • Udder Idjit – Sitting quietly and meditating, reflecting and praying during circle.
  • Astro – Too much advice about the Trail.
  • Prince – Merlin the magician, tried to walk through the closed glass door.
  • Cheesecake – Still here but low profile.
  • NickelB – Micromanaging the down downs.
  • Cyclone Tracy – 2 appearances in the Gulf of Mexico and 1 in the sub-continent.
  • Prince – Cross the road carefully.

Hash 6-9-17 052 Hash 6-9-17 053 Hash 6-9-17 054 Hash 6-9-17 055 Hash 6-9-17 056 Hash 6-9-17 057 Hash 6-9-17 039 Hash 6-9-17 042 Hash 6-9-17 043 Hash 6-9-17 044 Hash 6-9-17 045 Hash 6-9-17 046 Hash 6-9-17 047 Hash 6-9-17 048 Hash 6-9-17 049 Hash 6-9-17 050 Hash 6-9-17 051


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