Run 1805 | 13 September 2017 | Lethal @ Gabriella Pizza, Koornang Road, Carnegie

HARE: Lethal

VENUE: Gabriella’s Pizza, Carnegie

THEME: Klingon’s 900th run (after 22 years)

19 hardy Hashers arrived after an afternoon of rain, hail and cold winds to find the back nook at Gabriella’s warmed up with gas heaters and Lethal ready to send us off. Returnees were welcomed back, Klingon was congratulated and led the pack out.  Somehow the RA got off by the skin of his teeth again, because there was no rain on the run.  The wind was a bit cool, but there’s nothing like a good run to warm up.  On return, some of the best pizza’s in Melbourne were served and promptly devoured by the ravenous pack.

RUN REPORT:  By Klingon:                       Scored 669/900

Klingon led the pack up the back lane to an arrow after 50m, crossed the road and that was the last trail we saw for 5 minutes. When trail was found again it followed streets, lots of back lanes and a large park with two on backs from it.  Koornang Park was the site for a Lethal run about 10 years ago when a summer storm pelted the metal roof of the grandstand with near horizontal (not vertical accountants) deafening rain; no-one could hear the circle and lightning was striking the ground all round, with Bark On chasing and trying to catch it.  But enough reminiscing, it was bloody cold and trail led up a lane/drain which was completely blocked by trees and scrub.  The hardy hashers in the pack persisted and got past, but there was no trail, no on-back and eventually we found the end of the lane.   Whippet had sussed it out and said ‘no way’, retreated and found trail from the un-marked on back.  Walkers passed the runners 6 times and the long loops kept everyone pretty much together.  Noted that the circle was so bad, even the dogs were leaving.

WALK REPORT: By Gameon:                   Scored 699/900

Walked around the table and it was cold. The road was covered in water in places and the arrows were a long way apart.  Enjoyed hearing about the walk.


RETURNEES: No Balls, Cooch.

900th Run:  Klingon.  Started running with London City H3 and then with Lakeside after returning to Melbourne.  He signed on as ‘John’ a visitor for 3 runs and was named Klingon on his 11th run.  Klingon claims he was named for being a space traveller and always being spaced out – not because of his appearance.

MUG of the WEEK AWARD: Klingon – 900th award is not yet ready. The 900th run award used to be re-engraving of the 100th run.  Klingon could not find it so he got a LH3 mug instead.

Big Ears – 90 runs, 1/10 of Klingons 900.

Let Me Look – Palindromic 11 runs.

Point Post – 1 thousand and 11 runs.


  • Let Me Look – Suffering an identity crisis and does not know who she is (Someone called Kathryn was also mentioned in the Book).
  • Gerbils – Signed the book once forward and once backward thereby cancelling each other out, so she is not really here.
  • Spread On & Shu Shu – Ballerinas, but no tutu’s here.
  • Lethal – No stamper and no trail on gravel sections and not much trail generally.
  • Harpo – Tried to kill Big Ears by dragging him into the traffic. Big Ears took the charge as a Harpo look alike.
  • Hooray C. O. – Loved going past the Indonesian restaurant with roasted nuts to the point of getting wet.
  • Prince – Thin crust pizza.
  • Swingers – Low profile hiding behind the back of GM.
  • Kokup – Year as GM is falling apart and pissed off the Committee so much, none of them turned up.

Thanks to Gerbils for recording the run reports and charges.

Thanks to Whippet for looking after the down downs.

On On


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