Run 1806 | 20th September 2017 | E&B/Kenzie@Tadka Hut Indian Restaurant, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

HARES: E&B and Kenzie

VENUE: Tadka Hut Indian Restaurant, 82 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne.

THEME: The Virgo’s Birthday’s Run

The BoS took longer than usual because of all the visitors and returnees at the run. The hares gave us the usual crap and it was On On across Wellington Parade.  Now, who has actually read the first page of ‘The Book’ where the first line reads “Hashing can be Dangerous”.  This became evident quickly and the run became a run of attrition with Scrubber the first to go down – a victim of Melbourne’s tram tracks, but he was up and on his way promptly.  Then came Whippet who skinned his knee and bled his way around trail and on back home where ice packs were issued.  Prince went down in a heap after an unfortunate collision with a bike and had to be taken to hospital to treat a nasty gash to his leg (see photos) and was not seen again until the last of the last were leaving.  At least he had a smile on his face and a fishnet stocking on his leg.  But these falls were not the end of it and other hashers progressively left before and during the circle until only about half of the original 33 were left.  The circle must have been pretty bad this week because it wasn’t just the dogs that were leaving.  OK, OK, the circle did start late, but that was because the meals were slow coming out and many hashers were still eating.  There was a cameo appearance from Cut Loose and Astro, but they too had ailments that required a quick getaway (hope you made it on time Astro).

Prince's cut leg - 20-Sep-2017Princes stitches - 20-Sep-2017

Thanks to Cooch and Tricky Dicky for looking after Prince and getting him to hospital and also for Tricky Dicky who remained with Prince until he was stitched up and then escorted him back to Tadka Hut. Their meals had been thrown out by the time they arrived back, but the restaurant was good enough to make each of them a fresh meal to take away.

Hash 20-9-17 019 Hash 20-9-17 018 Hash 20-9-17 017 Hash 20-9-17 016 Hash 20-9-17 015 Hash 20-9-17 014 Hash 20-9-17 013 Hash 20-9-17 012 Hash 20-9-17 011 Hash 20-9-17 009

Now for the good parts. Champagne was served with dinner and two birthday cakes were presented for E&B and Kenzie with various renditions of Happy Birthday ……etc as the candles were blown out.  While the cake was being eaten, the 2017 AGM commenced and the 2016/17 Annual Return was accepted.  As there were no volunteers (apart from Tahlia) willing to overthrow any of the Committee, the GM and Committee were also accepted unopposed, fulfilling our obligations to Consumer Affairs.

Hash 20-9-17 010 Hash 20-9-17 008 Hash 20-9-17 007

RUN REPORT:  By Scrubber                      Scored 8.1/66 (or whatever the square root of 66 is)

The run crossed the road and I was tripped up by a little thingy, but pushed on around some back lanes and into the parklands. Kokup wanted to know who was going to win the Preliminary Final as we ran around the black and yellow place.  Naturally it will be the Crows because they are only playing against some Pussy Cats.  We ran around the f….g place where the Grand Final will be.  Then we ran around the f.…g tennis courts and into some f….g gardens where a woman appeared from behind a tree or bush.  I thought I was being propositioned, but it was only E&B.  The trail then took us through the streets of East Melbourne and before we knew it we were back home after only 4.5km.

WALK REPORT: By Gringa                       Scored 23/66

The walk turned out to be quite hazardous for some and I thought that the trail would be shitty, but it was marked more with blood than chalk after Whippet and Prince had accidents. It was good to see the old crowd again and walk through some familiar territory.

Hash 20-9-17 028 Hash 20-9-17 026 Hash 20-9-17 027 Hash 20-9-17 025


VISITORS: sCRUBBER & Goanna from Adelaide, Boner, TJ and Marbles from WSH3 and Cock Phobia from Manila H3.

RETURNEES: Gringa & Tricky Dicky (also now from Adelaide), Kenzie, SOAS, Pog, Tanysha and Tahlia (Down down taken by E&B).

HARES: E&B and Kenzie.

  • Boner: 199 runs.
  • Cooch: E&B took the charge for Cooch on 699 runs.
  • sCRUBBER: Pissing down a car exhaust pipe at a Mono Para H3 run as witnessed by TJ.
  • Boner:   The only hasher we know of who was actually at Lakeside H3 Run No 1 in 1984.
  • Palindromic Runs: This charge did not actually proceed because not one of them was in the circle.  For the record: Lubang Oz 373; Prince 616; 2 Bottoms 161; and Gargoyle 100 + 69 runs.
  • Cock Phobia: Visiting GM from Manila H3.
  • Let Me Look: Still suffering an identity crisis and introduced someone called Kathryn.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Cock Phobia – The only witness to Prince’s accident.
  • Whippet – Falling over and grazing his knee. Taken by Goanna as a Whippet look alike.
  • sCRUBBER – First to fall over and caused Whippet to fall.
  • Prince – Nasty accident on the run. Taken by a suitable lookalike.
  • SOAS – Charge was lost in the translation, but he was obviously up to no good.
  • Kokup – Introducing our visitor Cock Phobia as Cockaholic.
  • Cock Phobia – When one Kok drinks, ALL Cocks drink.
  • Kenzie – Safe to return to Orlando, Florida because they’ve already had all the blow jobs they can handle.
  • Tricky Dicky – 2nd in the LH3 footy tipping competition. Taken by Gringa.
  • Kenzie – Accused E&B of owning a Poncho that’s older than Kenzie. Also said E&B’s birthday was in the century before hers, but on the same day.
  • Cyclone Tracy – Still causing havoc in the Caribbean.
  • Marbles – WSH3 threats of charges?
  • Klingon – Went to a WSH3 event as a guest with a busload of people and didn’t pay for the privilege.
  • E&B – Attempted to charge GM with a trumped up charge which rebounded. She was reminded of Rule 1 – The GM is always right & Rule 2 – If the GM is wrong, see Rule 1.
  • Swingers – Can’t understand his own writing, so can’t do the write up next week.
  • Kokup – Leaning while conducting the Circle. The charge was taken in the interest of keeping public order.

Hash 20-9-17 006 Hash 20-9-17 005 Hash 20-9-17 004 Hash 20-9-17 003 Hash 20-9-17 002 Hash 20-9-17 031 Hash 20-9-17 030 Hash 20-9-17 029 Hash 20-9-17 024 Hash 20-9-17 023 Hash 20-9-17 022 Hash 20-9-17 021 Hash 20-9-17 020 Hash 20-9-17 001

Footnote: Prince is a little sore today (Thursday), but in high spirits.


Christmas Party             The LH3 Christmas Party will be held on Saturday 9 December, so save the date.  Further details to be advised later.  (It will be at Swingers and Pegmatites ranch in Kangaroo Ground).

Western Suburbs H3     WSH3 Run No 1950 is going to be a big night.  It’s a Halloween run on Tuesday 31 October and there will be three milestone runs on the night; Benny the Beast on 1,000, Doona on 900 and Eat Me on 500.  Venue to be advised.  The Committee has determined this will be an official LH3 run.

LH3 Footy Tipping Competition             The results of the LH3 footy tipping competition will be announced at next week’s run and prizes distributed. (Tricky Dicky did not win because of a bad call for the Giants last game!)

New Moon H3 Run        There will be a New Moon run on Saturday 23 September starting at 3:00pm from the Victoria Hotel in Abbotsford.             

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