Run 1807 | 27 September 2017 | Prince/Cut Loose/Cheesecake@Leinster Arms Hotel, Gold Street, Collingwood

Lakeside H3 Run 1807 report – Grand Final Run.

Hares: Prince, Cut Loose and Cheesecake.

Venue: Leinster Arms Hotel, Collingwood.

Our traditional Grand Final run but with Prince injured (12 stitches) was actually set by Cheesecake and Cut Loose.

A small turnout of 17 runners. Covered a small area of Collingwood and Abbotsford. The walkers had a fairly direct route, but the runners used every back lane that was available. Drink stop at Victoria Park – Guinness and Coke.

Visitor: Rangoon Flyer from Wellington.
Returnee: Swamp Rat.

  • The Hares. Prince, Cut Loose and Cheesecake
  •  Point Post – 40 years of hashing.
  •  New Zealanders – Rangoon Flyer, Prince and Point Post.
  •  Palindromic runs – Cut Loose 242 and Addon 232.

Results of Footy Tipping were announced.

  •  Prizes were handed out – It was noted that 3 members of the Klingon family won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for brief report, I was being grog master at same time as trying to remember what was going on.

Point Post


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