Run 1826 | 17th January 2018 | Lotsa Fun/NickelB@Riversdale Road, Hawthorn

HARES: Lotsafun & NickelB

VENUE: Hawthorn

As we have come to expect, a large pack gathered at the Unit in anticipation of a good run and of course, good food. The hare gave a long dissertation about the run, trail marks etc, including lack of trail for the walkers when they separate.  He emphasized the possibility of 360 degree checks and assured us there were plenty of arrows.

The on backs and checks kept the pack, including the walkers, together until Burnley Park where no-one actually found the correct trail from the check. However, trail was found and we headed north.  The well set on backs and tricky checks allowed the pack to bunch up again, so that at Barkers Road the last runner became the FRB.  Then it was back down along the river, through various parks and to the drink stop.

Nosh was lovely curried prawns and curried fish followed by jellied rambutans and was a change from the usual faire.

WALK REPORT: By Astro                                      Score: 580/584

What age does dementia set in? We were going along the walk to Riversdale road, on to Fairfield Park, past Leonda, then over the Swan Street Bridge and down to Burnley Park and up to Burwood Road. That’s where the Walkers and the Runners separated and Flora gave Astro the map which directed the walkers to Denham Street. The problem was that Denham Street was not marked on the map. NickelB had said that the arrows would be few and far between on the walker’s trail so we crossed Burwood road and finally found the Hare and a welcoming drink stop hidden amongst the shrubbery in Morang Road Reserve.  A welcome and very good drink stop and a very good Walk.

RUN REPORT: By Udder Idjit                                Score:  300/584

Udder actually did the Run. 2 Bottoms and Swingers did not believe we could do all of the Run. It was brilliant, past all these lovely big houses and how can I afford one of those on my Centre Link pension? We went along the Yarra with lots of on backs on the way. Big Ears solved every Check, ran every on back and did over 12 km, so well done to him – he’s a national treasure – to keep looking for arrows and breaking the Checks.  The drink stop was a welcome sight.


HARES: NickelB & Lotsafun

VISITORS: Kung Poo & Pussy Lane from Townsville, Canny & 3 Speed (Full Moon H3) & Pol Pot (MH3).

RETURNEES: Prickly Bush, Deeper, Libido, Spread On, Big Ears, Cut Loose and Astro.

  • Udder Idjit: Realised he won’t make the Australian Open, so he is again running with Lakeside.
  • Libido: First actual RUN with Lakeside, despite many cameo appearances in the past.


  • Palindromes – Gargoyle 181, Let Me Look 22, Lotsafun 676, Kokup 343, NickelB 686 and a special charge for Swingers on 123.
  • Udder Idjit: Writing his run number in French letters in the book.
  • NickelB – Multiple drink stops (bubblers) on the Run with one real Drink Stop.
  • Big Ears – Wasting beer, spillage at the drink stop.
  • Swingers – 62 tomorrow, happy birthday. HBFU.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Big Ears – Went on a 2 week cruise, but is still single.
  • NickelB – Might have been multiple drink stops, but only one real one.
  • GG, taken by Shu Shu – overdue, uncollected $10 footy tipping prize.
  • Klingon – Has not paid out all of the footy tipping prizes for 2017.
  • 2 Bottoms – Wearing a GG Tee shirt.
  • Pol Pot – Representing GG who has had diarrhoea all week.
  • Lube Oil – Came to this Run last week.
  • Lubang Oz – Also came to this Run last week, but tried to blame Lube Oil.
  • NickelB – Hiding an ON Back behind a crowd of people.
  • Vivienne, Shu Shu, Spread On, 3 Speed and Let Me Look – No Hash gear.
  • Gargoyle – New shoes.
  • Kung Poo – Wanted to come to Hash in Melbourne, but had been misled by news reports of African gangs, so he emailed Swingers and asked if it was safe to travel on the trams and buses here in Melbourne.
  • Swingers – Un-hashman like behaviour. Stationary checking at the top of the steps at Barkers Road.
  • Big Ears & Klingon – Admiring others’ running shoes.
  • Big Ears – Beautifully coiffed hair and a beaut head job.
  • Udder Idjit & Cut Loose – Not believing that Big Ears picked up on his cruise.
  • NickelB – Reluctant to open up another bottle for the Down Downs.

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