Run 1797 | 19th July 2017 | Udder Idjit / Gargoyle @ Elsternwick Hotel, Elwood

HARES:  Gargoyle and Udder Idjit

VENUE: Elsternwick Hotel

RETURNEES:  Underfelt, Whippet and Spread 0n

RUN REPORT:  By Whippet – We went out there, went over there, ran along towards the Lake and then continued until we reached the beach and ran back along Glenhuntly Road.  More specifically it was mainly in residential streets, but also included a few on backs, a section of camouflaged gravel path along the railway line, the famous Elwood canal and checks that managed to hold the pack together.  There was a section along the beach with a Hash Halt on top of the Point Ormond lookout, which was circumnavigated by some of the more canny hashers.

Scored – 7.5/10

WALK REPORT: By Egg and Bacon Pie –It was an historical walk around Elsternwick. We walked and talked along streets to a corner shop, you don’t see many corner milk bars these days, do you? Then walked and talked and walked and talked along to a sign that pointed towards the beach, but we didn’t go there, returning to the hotel.

Scored – 7/10


  • Lotsafun – Sitting down and talking already while everyone is being called to the circle.
  • Prince – Aiding and abetting Lotsafun by listening.
  • Big Ears – Doesn’t know where he is or how long he’s been there. Evidence is in The Book.
  • E&B – representing E&B, Cooch and Tahlia, none of whom appeared in The Book last week.
  • NickelB & Lotsafun – Signed last week that they went to the Peninsula Ladies’ Run in Frankston, then signed for last week’s Run as well then signing on again this week.
  • Big Ears, 88 and Prickly Bush, 181 – Palindromic number of Runs.

CHARGES FROM THE FLOOR: Sergeant – Prickly Bush

  • Cut Loose, 234; Hooray C.O., 56 – Consecutively numbered Runs which also form a progression.
  • Udder Idjit – Bull dust Award, never writes the correct Run number in The Book.
  • Prince – Ran the length of a well marked street yet somehow did not see any arrows.
  • Prince and Quick Lay – Crossing a major road against a red light and not noticing that there was a specified green turn arrow for motorists; they jaywalked across the road, so those drivers could not complete their turn.
  • Prince and Whippet – Last week Senator Ludlum had to resign as he still held New Zealand citizenship, then Senator Waters had to resign because she is Canadian. Charge was for representatives of the offending countries.
  • Point Post – Has claimed to be British, a New Zealander and an Australian. The charge stuck despite his protestations about never claiming to be Australian.
  • Whippet and Point Post – Spot the difference. Which one has gained 1kg in the last 10 years? Neither.
  • Udder Idjit – Has lost weight.
  • Point Post – Claims to know how many Runs Udder has done. How many???
  • E&B – Rebound.
  • Hooray C.O. and Prince – Found and enjoyed a few roots and puddles on the run.
  • Cheesecake – Getting away with it for the last 12 months and sitting in the Circle.
  • Whippet and Gargoyle – Sitting in the Circle.
  • Cut Loose – Providing flashing wristbands for her “be seen, be safe” campaign.
  • Grand Master – Took 2 days to look through past books, finding how many Runs everyone has done, typing it all up and sticking it in the front of The Book. Then not telling everyone so they can instantly refer to the front of The Book.
  • Punch – Rebound, Kokup did an excellent, well organised job.
  • Gargoyle & Udder Idjit – Didn’t fool anyone with the easily discovered On Back at the pedestrian overpass at Ripponlea Station.


New Moon Run: Next Saturday at The Crafty Squire Hotel, Collins Street, Melbourne.

Melbourne Men’s 2600th Run: Sunday 30 July at Churchill Park, Endeavour Hills.  Arrive at 11:30am for a 12:00 run.  BBQ Lunch provided.

Hash 19-Jul-17 035 Hash 19-Jul-17 034 Hash 19-Jul-17 033 Hash 19-Jul-17 032 Hash 19-Jul-17 031 Hash 19-Jul-17 030 Hash 19-Jul-17 026 Hash 19-Jul-17 025 Hash 19-Jul-17 024 Hash 19-Jul-17 029 Hash 19-Jul-17 028 Hash 19-Jul-17 027 Hash 19-Jul-17 023 Hash 19-Jul-17 022 Hash 19-Jul-17 021 Hash 19-Jul-17 020 Hash 19-Jul-17 019 Hash 19-Jul-17 018 Hash 19-Jul-17 017 Hash 19-Jul-17 016 Hash 19-Jul-17 015 Hash 19-Jul-17 014 Hash 19-Jul-17 013 Hash 19-Jul-17 010 Hash 19-Jul-17 011 Hash 19-Jul-17 012

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