Run 1756 | 16 November 2016 | Lethal @ Gabriella Pizza

How to Squeeze 31 Hashers into a Teeny Weeny Pizza Box

Lethal is either a very poor accountant who miscalculated severely, or else he’s a lot more popular than he thought, cause 31 Hashers turned up to squeeeeeeeze into a Pizza joint in Carnegie
 A puff of wind meant everyone leaned left and voila, Kling On toppled over the Hash boxes and tangled his legs with Drag On’s.  Kling On may need renaming as his antics failed to live up to his nomenclature.  He failed to Cling On!
And then Lakeside’s engineers stepped up to the plate.  From where the (female) gallery was sitting it seemed a simple task.  Roll up the blind and thereby allow air to flow and limbs to be untangled.  Not sure what the collective noun is for a cluster of Engineers but Kok Up, Lubang Oz, Nickleby, Old Boar and Mothball (with support on the sidelines from Cooch) made a right F*Up of rolling up that blind.  Old Boar was heard to mumble “it’s the blind leading the blind”.IMG_7015
Many Down Downs required for Kling On and the aforesaid Engineers before GM restored order and called for the Circle to commence.
 IMG_6968  IMG_6976       IMG_6997
Visitor and Returnees
GM welcomed visitor KU from Malaysia


and returnees Prickly and Cooch.  (There may have been others but it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack looking into that Circle)IMG_6984
Bollywood was charged for taking Selfies in the Circle.  She claimed she was reporting back to Malaysia – not sure why that made it ok
 Gonzo from Box Hill (formerly Darwin) equally guilty and took a Down Down for his sins.
Lethal hurdled over Astro, dived underneath Mother Brown, danced around Colours then shimmied past Head Job to finally make it to the Circle and hear the Run Report
 Prince provided right royal and noble praise describing it as a Clinical Run with excellent On Backs and Checks that kept the pack together and which allowed Hashers to experience Ross Town at its best
With map in hand Nickleby decided to go against the flow and led the walkers in on the out trail.  Getting rather dizzy with so many backflip double-pike somersaults required to walk trail in reverse,  Nickleby handed Mothball the map and rather than grumble about finding trail, Mothball just made it up and marched on and on.IMG_7028
Prince cause even though there were frequent On Backs down one side of the street and then On again back to the same street, he still got caught out.
Botok Chin charged Lethal for his directions for the Run.  Lethal may have had his mind on this being a great Route or the fact that Brothels can be found in Carnegie but it was Map 68 on the Melways not Map 69.
Sweaty for not having Hash gear on but rebounded cause Prickly failed to spot GM’s Lakeside socks.IMG_6967IMG_6978
Lethal for giving false hope as the On Home mark was far, far away and runners had far, far to go before they found the real On Home.
Kling-On for Doggie cruelty when he tumbled over the Hash Boxes
Kling On – Hash cheat cause he runs with Drag-On strapped round his waist to provide acceleration and thereby meaning he only has to do 1/2 the work.  Cynics commented that Kling On leans to the right……….(hotly disputed by this proud lefty)

Joint run for D&E’s 40th Anniversary run next week at Eltham Footy Club.  7 pm start. $20 per head (bring sandwiches in case they forget to book the venue…………)

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