Run 1808 | 4th October 2017 | Point Post@Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

HARE: Point Post

VENUE: Pointy’s digs in Hawthorn.

THEME: Pizza & Fruit Cake Run

This was the first run in daylight savings time, so no need for torches, flashing wrist bands or flouro vests etc. The evening was warm and clear, but it’s still school holidays so some regulars were unavailable.  For a change, most of the pack were runners and even the walkers walked most of the run, mainly because the hare did not set a separate walk trail.

Hash 4-10-17 002RUN REPORT:  By Swingers                      Scored 49/50

This was Swingers first running run since injuring himself at Point Post’s last run 6 months ago and he led the pack most of the way without falling down. Trail headed towards the Yarra, but then wound its way up to Riversdale Road, before returning back down into the parkland and alongside the Yarra.  It then crossed over Glenferrie Road and back up to Riversdale Road before meandering through the smaller streets back down to the Yarra again, through some parkland, across the river, some more parkland, under the freeway over the river again and on home along Glenferrie Road. There were some complaints of not calling, but it really was not listening.  E&B was perving at the real estate, which probably explained why she did not hear the calls.

Hash 4-10-17 001WALK REPORT: By Cut Loose                  Scored 50/50

The walkers followed the run trail and enjoyed the scenery in the parks, along the river and also the gardens and real estate. They managed to mostly keep up with the runners until the on home along Glenferrie Road.


RETURNEES – Long Term: Peanuts, Shu Shu.

RETURNEES – Short Term: Lubang Oz, E&B, NickelB, Lotsafun, Let Me Look, Quick Lay, GG & Kokup.

HARE: Point Post.

Hash 4-10-17 006 Hash 4-10-17 005 Hash 4-10-17 005 - Copy Hash 4-10-17 004 Hash 4-10-17 009 Hash 4-10-17 008 Hash 4-10-17 007 Hash 4-10-17 003

Sargent’s Charges:

  • Shu Shu: 50th Run.  No plaque yet, but it will be presented when E&B receives some photos.
  • Kokup: For breaking Punch’s arm in a failed assassination attempt on Mt. Wellington in Tasmania.
  • Swingers: For squeaky on on calls that were audible for at least 5m (The pack was 50m away).
  • Pointy: Setting a Figure 8 trail and no-one got sucked in to following the out trail again.

Charges from the Floor:

  • Prince: Inadequately nobbled by his severely wounded leg.  Now running fast after 12 stiches 2 weeks ago, and only missing one run.
  • Prickly Bush: Worrying about a torch and whether the battery would be better saved for something else.
  • Peanuts – Arriving jet lagged and crossing a road in a daze on a red light.
  • GG – Got a copy of an email from Pog, but did not know who this character called John Leckie was.
  • Kokup & Lotsafun – Not knowing what’s wrong with the hash name ‘pearl necklace’ for a harriette.
  • Astro – Having in-bred Tasmanian hasher connections.
  • Peanuts – Overseas returnee from Europe.
  • NickelB & Lotsafun – About to leave on an overseas trip.
  • Let Me Look – No hash gear, not going overseas, but going to Darwin.
  • Swingers – Wearing new shorts instead of his usual ‘long-uns’.
  • Lubang Oz – Writing so fast the scribes pen almost caught fire.
  • E&B – Turning up to hash flat broke in October.
  • Lotsafun – Not listening to GG’s vibrator joke.
  • Cut Loose, Prince and Astro – Not understanding GG’s vibrator joke – despite the animation.

Hash 4-10-17 015 Hash 4-10-17 016 Hash 4-10-17 017 Hash 4-10-17 018 Hash 4-10-17 019 Hash 4-10-17 020 Hash 4-10-17 021 Hash 4-10-17 022 Hash 4-10-17 023 Hash 4-10-17 024 Hash 4-10-17 025 Hash 4-10-17 026 Hash 4-10-17 027 Hash 4-10-17 010 Hash 4-10-17 011 Hash 4-10-17 012 Hash 4-10-17 013 Hash 4-10-17 014

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